An Azerbaijani Woman Murdered in a Sanaa Court [Archives:2000/18/Front Page]

May 1 2000

An Azerbaijani women, Mariam, who lived in Yemen for 25 years, and who has the Yemeni nationality, was murdered yesterday in the heart of the court room of Sanaa’s South West Court a few minutes before the session started. The murdered, her ex-husband, Yousuf Ismail divorced her 5 years ago and had a personal legal case with her.
Mariam’s ex-husband sneaked into the court room 5 minutes before the start of the session, then stabbed his ex-wife several times in her back and in various parts of her body. She was then taken immediately to the hospital, but she died as soon as she arrived to its gate.
Sources at the court said the case between Mariam and her ex-husband was going on in favor of Mariam. However, even though she won the court case, she lost her life.
The incident caused a lot of dismay and anger by all the eye witnesses and staff members of the court, especially that weapons are not supposed to be permitted into courts.