An urgent appeal to Yemen’s Minister of Interior [Archives:2004/784/Community]

October 25 2004

A number of the doctors of the Police Hospital under the Ministry of Interior composed last week an appeal via the Yemen Times to the minister, Major General Rashad al-Aleemi, asking him for help in adapting the suitable conditions that allow them to do their human duties. They appealed to him for quick intervention to stop their suffering from harassments, humiliation and sacking and Yemen Times keeps a complete file of this issue. The Yemen Times publishes extracts from the letter under the signature of Dr. Ahmed No'man, one of the doctors of the hospital, on behalf of the other doctors who presented the complain, which reads as follows:

Dear Major General Dr. Rashad al-Aleemi, Minister of Interior,
We don't exaggerate when we say that opening General Police Hospital in 1994 was a great achievement for the staff of security and Ministry of Interior. It realized their expectations.
The unlimited ambitions of the medical staff in the first stages were to facilitate the difficulties and to overcome any defects or to avoid them.
They know the problems, but their main care was to see this achievement in reality. They thought that after the abnormal conditions of construction and inauguration, that all the obstacles would be properly tackled.
When those conditions disappeared and work went on and improved in terms of quality and quantity, new problems occurred and became a major hindrance encountering the staff and preventing them to perform their humane duties.
The good health administration means good health care. It is wrong to consider the administration a job that's only concerned with the higher organizational systems. The administration should involve all levels in order to be effective.
Many programs failed because of the vague and confused management in the secondary and marginal levels.
The good administration is like health of a body for it shows the priorities and exploits the limited resources to a great possible extent. It also improves the level and kind of services and keeps the employees' morale at its highest levels.
Some people claim that the solutions are in the resources themselves but we believe they are in the use of the available resources. Since opening the hospital, there is no system of the medical services so that laws and regulations of management became subjective views.
Those views are still a problem because they have no limits. The experience of the medical services of the armed forces in Sana'a could have given benefit in forming such system.

The present director, who has been appointed since 1997, was one of the directors who commit mistakes and behave in a way that's irrelevant to the rules of the administration. That's because he doesn't realize the bases of the administrative work. We bore sufferings at the expense of our human duty.
Since the ministry appointed this person to be the charged of director, we tried to advice him helping him to stop committing more mistakes aiming to maintain this hospital and develop it. All attempts of doctors were in vain.
Our attempts of doctors made the situation get worse and worse due to his proceedings which we complained about more than once, but unfortunately we got no solution to this problem though we had the evidences and documents that have been enclosed to each letter of complaint to the ministry.
When we haven't been listened to, we have to appeal to you for culminating these procedures for the sake of rescuing the Police Hospital, that we are so depressed to see its conditions getting so.
It is the hospital where we performed tireless efforts and sacrificed our rest without hoping to receive simple words of thank. We were satisfied with the happy looks of patients compensating us; the hospital we suffered too much to make it go on in offering its humane duty to all the Ministry of Interior.
All people know your honorable record of achievements, your care for the cadre and the ministry's annexes; therefore we don't think that you would accept such miserable condition. So, we hope you look at this complaint.