… and to Ari Ariel A True Semite Tells It Like It Is [Archives:2001/20/Focus]

May 14 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
On the same issue of the Yemen Times that Joshua Hachohen had written his remarks about Common Sense and its stand against Zionism, another letter had expressed the feelings of another Jew, who happened to be the exact opposite of what the likes of Mr. Hacohen represented. It is imperative to point out at this stage that this observer is keen on confirming that he holds no personal grudge against people solely for their religious persuasion, as long as they do not express any animosity towards our national or religious affiliation or find it their life long mission to distort history and to serve unholy causes cloaked in mythology, while on the ground their efforts to create facts on the ground are as unholy as any chauvinist cause is bound to come into conflict with decent moral persuasions that cross all religious and national sentiments, which are free from the arrogance of the kind preached and practiced by the Zionist mob that rules Israel and its blind supporters everywhere.
Mr. Ari Ariel is not one of a kind either and his sentiments as shown in his letter to the YT have been seen by this observer on a number of occasions, even by many Israelis this observer has come to be acquainted with over the years, in my travels and living abroad.
It is worthy to point out that there were many Jews who emanate from the various countries in the region and many of them obviously recall that they had lived in the region for centuries, not facing any of the kind of hatred and sadistic cravings, like that portrayed by Zionist extremists like Rabbi Ovadio Yosef’, from their fellow Arabs (even if they are Jews, they are still Arabs and enjoy our fraternal sentiment accordingly). Thus, it is understood why Mr. Ariel should (not Ariel Sharon, of course) would make it clear that what is going on in the Holy Land and perpetrated by the likes of Ariel Sharon is not morally right by any means and no matter what religious persuasion one follows. The fact of the matter is that it is inconceivable that any religion can condone the killing of four month old babies just so “God’s promise” can be fulfilled, for surely such nonsense does no justice to the teachings of all the prophets and messengers the Lord Al-Mighty has been kind enough to ask to deliver His true teachings and to wrest the pledges and covenants of the true believers in God that they will abide by the Ten Commandments and spread the teachings of brotherhood and the equality of all men (and women) everywhere.
Moreover, the Holy Land does not belong to any nation or any single religious persuasion. Yet of all the followers of the dominant Monotheistic faiths, it was the Arab Moslems who showed the most tolerance towards other religious persuasions and the fact that the Arab World embraced followers of all the monotheistic persuasions is testimony to this tolerance, not to mention that there are still well over 2 million Arab Jews. When the Crusaders took over Jerusalem, they hacked some 90,000 Moslems residents of the city, piling their skills in pyramid mounds all over the city! There is no record whatsoever to depict that any Moslem Armies ever inflicted any massacres, although they fanned out from the doors of Paris to the gates of China, and never did Moslems force the conversion of people to Islam.
In any case, one is not trying to make a case for Islam here, but trying to show that the likes of Mr. Ariel understand that there is no justification for the inhumane behavior of their fellow “Jews”, who purport to be Semites, but fail to understand that the Semitic race is characterized by strong moral convictions that cannot accept the kind of behavior we are witnessing daily by the Israeli security and military machine, and therefore does not lend credence to the adherence to the Semitic race by any means of such Zionist demagogues like Ariel Sharon and Rabbi Yosef.
On another note, while no one can fail to sympathize with the difficulties of the Palestinians and their right of self-defense, there is no logic for the mysterious killing of Israeli teenagers or unarmed civilians. We are not however convinced that either true Moslems carried out such a crime or that common Palestinian citizens are morally inclined to undertake such crimes. One cannot rule out the kind of indecent behavior of mercenary Arabs working under instructions from the Zionist Establishment, whose motto is the “ends justify the means”, and in order to lighten up the damaging public relations image that has tainted the Israelis by the killing of the two Arab infants, they sponsored the killing of the two teenagers accordingly. This may seem far fetched to many, but there are no limits to what the Zionist machine is capable of doing, even if it means sacrificing its own people, and Sabra and Shatila are not far away from the mind, when over 500 Arab unarmed men, women and children were killed in their sleep, by a massacre carried out by Arab madmen working under the direction and payroll of Ariel Sharon.
Incidentally, there are also Western Jews, some of whom were holding Israeli passports that went out of their way to express their disgust at the kind of regime that exists in Israel and its chauvinistic arrogant stands, as well as the unholy convictions propagated by the Zionist Establishment in general.
On the other hand the American Jewish community is also mislead as to what is going on in the Holy Land, because most of them also are descendants of the East European Jews and have been almost brainwashed by the Zionist propaganda that Israel represents the answer to all the problems of the Jews and the relief from the “Diaspora”. If we can assume that arrogance and hatred and the erroneous belief that “God’s chosen people” are entitled to any wrong they like, then surely they cannot be regarded as proponents of a Heavenly Cause, nor does that fall within the moral convictions that Semites are almost driven by spirit to adopt and convey to all Mankind. Thank you Ari for your uplifting sentiments and understanding of what it really is all about. You are a true Semite indeed.