Angels and Demons Journey to the Unknown [Archives:2001/24/Last Page]

June 11 2001


Karolina Romanska
The mysterious subject of spiritual hosts Ð angels and demons, has always fascinated me. My research project as a requirement for graduation was the perfect occasion to exploit it. I decided to blend information concerning the pure and the corrupted children of one God from various doctrines, including Islam, Judaism and Christianity. What I have learned both astonished and enlightened me.
It seems that not only are angels and demons spiritual beings above the confines of the material world, but they also almost certainly come from one and the same creator. Islam explains that first only angels were created, with Lucifer, or Ablis, as the most powerful and beautiful creature among them. When humans were created, Lucifer refused to bow down to them because he, the one made out of fire, would not bow down to anything made out of clay. He incited an insurrection in Heaven, but he and his followers lost and were cast down to Hell. It is assumed, for the Quoran does not directly say so, that Ablis’s throne is located in what is today known as the Bermuda Triangle. That was how, according to one doctrine, demons and angels came about.
Angels and demons are present in practically all religions of the world. In Hinduism, the head deity Vishnu is surrounded by guardian angels; Shinto, a doctrine based on the belief in spirits of nature divides them subsequently into good and evil ones. They could be assumed to be angels and demons. The Syrian Yazideen believe Sheitan as the evil deity which is much more dangerous and should be appeased. As a result, they worship him and his demons and pay more reverence to them, since they are the creatures that can hurt them. God, as the good deity is regarded as the peaceful and loving, one who would never hurt his people.
Usually, but also depending on the doctrine, angels are divided into hierarchies, or choirs, each having a task to attend to. In Christianity, it is believed there are nine choirs. In Islam, the hierarchy starts with Allah, the highest and most exalted above everything else, and ending with gins and lesser devils which are under Ablis.
Demons are sometimes regarded as highly organized under Satan, and at other instances they are believed to be living in complete chaos. In Roman Catholicism, Hell is an elaborately organized institution of Evil, with Satan reigning supreme because he is the strongest, not because he was chosen so by others. Quite like in Heaven angels rejoice in fulfilling God’s will, in Hell demons are compelled to do Satan’s bidding. A lady by the name of Rebecca Brown, a medical doctor, was deeply involved with demonic and angelic forces, when she met the head Bride of Satan from the United States, calling here Elaine for reasons of privacy.
Rebecca, being a deeply religious person, accepted the burden of freeing Elaine from demonic inhibition and Satanic control. She managed to achieve it after two years of severe fighting. After her experience, Rebecca decided to write a book entitled “He came to set the Captives free”, where she shared her story with the world.
Demons’ first priority is to tempt and corrupt, while angels strive to defy them and protect people. Both sides are not merely stories in the holy books, or derived from children’s stories, but are two extreme forces, engaged in serious spiritual warfare even as we speak. People, who do not even believe in their existence are affected by them.