Animal epidemics discussed [Archives:2003/627/Local News]

March 17 2003

By Hassan Azzaedi
Yemen Times Staff

Organized by the Agriculture Ministry in collaboration with the Regional Animal Epidemics Office, a workshop on diseases of camels and wild animals was concluded last week in Sana'a.
The workshop aimed at assessing animal health in general and the health of camels and wild animals in particular.
The Ministry of Agriculture in this regard has taken a number of arrangements for the protection of public health from animal epidemics.
Among measures to be taken by the ministry is to form of a network for epidemics detection to curb the spread of diseases, taking speedy measures for treating them and conducting field surveys to assess the situation concerning rift valley and foot-and-mouth diseases and to set up necessary plans to combat them.
The ministry focused during the workshop on camels' health and ways to monitor camels by inspecting imported livestock or their products by carrying out veterinary check-up.
Among the conclusions of the workshop was that immunization, as a precautionary measure, is considered the most important means for fighting of most animal diseases.
On his part, Dr. Ghaleb Fadhl al-Eriani, Animal Wealth Director at the Agriculture Ministry told Yemen Times that there are more than 180,000 camels in the desert areas.
The main aim is to make use of the participants' experiences in this regard to get rid of animal diseases.