Animal sacrifices costEid had plenty of sadness this year [Archives:2005/812/Culture]

January 31 2005

By Abdulwahab Abdulqawi Al Sofi
[email protected]

HODEIDAH ) We as Moslems celebrated Eid Al Adha at the time we wished to reach that an immaculate place, Arafat Mountain. In Yemen governorates generally and in Hodeidah especially people did not receive Eid Al Adha as happy as the year before.

The prices of new clothes for their children and all demanding requisites and needs of Eid were very heavy on the shoulders of families. They are really exhausted of high prices bodily and even mentally as well.

In this Eid people came back to their home somewhat unsatisfactorily after they had performed their Eid prayer in the oratory. Their gladness was blended by sadness, because the majority of people notably did not sacrifice for Eid Al Adha (not slay goats or sheep). Sheep and goat are very expensive.

A goat for sacrifice costs approximately YR 25000. Therefore, people rushed to the butchers who have in turn raised the price of meat. A kilo of meat costs YR 1200.

In addition to that, the bad news commenced in this year upset a lot of people. It is the advent dose, which gnaws the Yemeni poor people.

Children only do not care of this misery. They are very happy as they get the new clothes and electrical games to practice their innocent childhood in the garden and the seacoast.

In fact, parent are obliged to go to park, gardens and the sea coast by their children who do not understand what the dose means. Otherwise, they prefer to stay at their homes.

Yet, people have to celebrate Eid and visit their relatives. People shake hand each other and embraced their relatives in this occasion comes once in year. They did keep smiles compulsorily, but they did tread on their hearts forgetting the bad situation at the same times.

They enjoyed Eid by going to various charming place, at least for relieving their feelings. All their subjects discussed in a Qat sitting or at gardens, park and houses, are about the soared pieces of food and necessary items.

In short, people performed all religious rituals but with absentmindedness. The difficult livelihood's costs are worthy to kill joy of human beings. Prices are soared up every year. As far as the prices of food and necessary items soar, poverty cases increase enormously.

What dose the Eid mean? In my opinion, it means joy and happiness. It means stability in everything including food items prices. It also means the health for every one. How can we enjoy things without inner joy and happiness?

Gladness emerges from that joy inside our hearts. Suffering for sustenance and struggling for survival do not only lose happiness but also they affect the mentality of persons consciously. Nothing is hardier than people stretch their hands for begging to feed their children.

That is why; it is absurd that our government creates a new dose of prices every year. Native Yemenis are quite accustomed for things to go from bad to worse every year but the hits of dead ones are surely a sin. Our government usually plays a trick on Yemeni people. On the other hand, our responsible really tantalize us because of their false promises.

Instead, they should think how to decrease the prices of necessary food items and do for prosperous Yemen. It is unfair the government treats us like this. The news of the incoming dose amongst poor Yemeni people struck chill into many hearts and made anxious.

Finally I can say Yemeni people are condemned to suffer a life of pain, aren't they?