Animal wealth grows by 7.6%, environment sustained [Archives:2005/807/Business & Economy]

January 13 2005

An official report recently mentioned that the animal wealth, veterinary campaigns and other activities offered by the Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation between 2002-2004 helped the animal wealth to increase by 7.6%.

In this respect, the Yemeni Government approved the provision of technical and financial aids to implement the process of field surveys, diagnoses and laboratory tests and enhancing quarantine.

The government is interested in the establishment of grass farms, encouraging investment and providing investors with some lands to be able to pursue his career.

Enhancing the training activities for families in the rural areas and improving both the quality and quantity of dairies are given adequate priority.

The government also approved the establishment of centers for the Central Veterinary Laboratories in Sana'a as well as units for the epidemic surveillance in all the Yemeni governorates, in addition to the buildings for quarantine in the official outlets in Mukalla, Hawf and Haradh.

The government agreed upon the project of the national strategy and the executive plan for the biological diversity all over the Republic of Yemen. The strategy aims at providing a sustainable and proper management for the natural resources through maintaining the inherited resources, environmental regulations and the diverse animal and botanical wealth in the coastal and mountainous areas.

The strategy included the provision of protection for rare animal and botanical species.