Annual Ceremony at Psychiatric & Nerve Diseases Hospital [Archives:2000/01/Health]

January 3 2000

By: Yasser M. Ahmad
Yemen Times

The Islah social charitable society observed the annual ceremony of The Psychiatric and Nerve Diseases Hospital on December 27, 1999. It was attended by a large number of officials, at the forefront of whom was Mr Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, Chairman of the Consultative Council. At the beginning Mr Abdul Ghani addressed the ceremony, expressing his pleasure at the start of work on building a ward for men at the hospital. Last year, providing the ward for women with necessary equipment was completed.
Dr. Hamid Zaiad, Secretary General of the society and the businessman Mahfooz Ba Shamakh also addressed the ceremony by reviewing the stages of finding solutions to the problem of psychiatric patients, both men and women, and talking about the building of the specialized hospital instead of the ward that was part of the building of the central prison. For the last seven years more than 5000 cases have been registered at the hospital and the cases of diagnosis and examination received by the outpatient clinics of the hospital of psychiatric and nerve diseases amounted to over 12000.
Mr. Mahfooz Ba Shamakh has called upon businessmen in our country to adopt these noble and humanitarian projects that are very important for the life of society, and to create a sort of joint responsibility. The businessman Ba Yashmakh is himself funding the establishment of the ward for men in the hospital.
On his part, Dr Ziad has called for exerting joint efforts by various sides to bring success to such projects, especially focusing on the ministry of health and the local council of Sana’a.
An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Health and the Local Council in Sana’a and Charitable Society for Social Welfare, stipulating cooperation for furnishing and operating the hospital. This agreement aims at establishing cooperation between them, and operating and furnishing the hospital.
Songs that were sung in the ceremony expressed the pleasure on this occasion. A number of businessmen have attended the ceremony, including the well-known businessman Abdulwase’a Haiel Said. Mr. Abdulwase’a is known for his many charitable works and contributions and on this occasion he donated 2 million riyals for this hospital.
The ceremony was also attended by Mayor of the Capital Secretariat Hussein Al-Maaswari, Dr. Abdullah Abduwali Nasheir, Minister of Health and Dr. Tariq Sinan Abu Lehoom, Chairman of the Charitable Society for Social Welfare.
At the end of the ceremony, donations were asked to be made for this charitable project.
The hospital aims at offering complete health services and full care to patients whose conditions necessitate a stay in hospital for treatment and to rehabilitate them in a convenient way, it also aims at coordinating with other health institutions and various organizations to muster all efforts and resources for improving psychological health in the society . The hospital also participates in training and qualification of cadres specialized in this field. The hospital’s role also includes informing the society on accepting and dealing with those who are psychologically ill, and educating people on care for them.