Annual festival in support of Al-Aqsa in Taiz [Archives:2003/674/Local News]

October 6 2003

Taiz, Oct. 4 – Under the motto of “Al-Aqsa's moaning in the anniversary of Al-Isra'a”, the Welfare Society of Support for Al-Aqsa organized its annual festival In support of Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque in Jerusalem, which was under the auspices of Judge Ahmed Al-Hajri the Governor of Taiz.
A large number of prominent personalities, consultants, intellectuals, and concerned people from Taiz had attended the festival. Sheik Abdullah Al-Quhali, the chairman of the society delivered a speech on the occasion and emphasized that the US acts that support Israeli oppression against Palestinians are so evident and are being carried out using all possible means, including financial aid, political support, etc. He also called upon all Muslims to help and support Palestinians in every possible way, particularly by raising money, and providing moral support. “The support for Al-Aqsa should not be voluntary work, but it's an obligation on all Muslims. Besides, we should encourage our sons to get ready for Jihad in defense of their right,” he said.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhaifane, the chairman of the Committee to Defend Arab and Muslim Issues also delivered an address in which he said that “rulers of Arab countries are only flexing muscles on their people, while serving the enemy by oppressing their nations.”
“Children in Palestine still resist the enemy's tanks and are never afraid, while our rulers, on the contrary, are helpless despite their huge armies that are merely used in military festivals and to oppress the people” he remarked.
“We should always be aware of the fact that our enemy is coward and knows very well that anyone with strong belief and willpower can never be defeated by the strongest military arsenal in the world.”
In its conclusion session, the participants in the festival chanted with several enthusiastic poems expressing their support for the Palestinian uprising, which was seen as a legitimate act of self-defense by all attendees.