Another batch of Yemeni coast guard graduates [Archives:2004/710/Local News]

February 9 2004

Another batch of Yemeni coast guard and special forces for fighting terrorism and protecting Yemeni ports graduated last week after completing extensive training under the supervision of experts from the US army at the marine base in Aden.
In the graduation ceremony, Yemeni graduates received certificates and awards.
Brigadier General Robeson Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa said during the ceremony, “I am happy to visit Aden and attend this graduation ceremony. Yemen owns long coastlines, making their adequate protection a necessity.”
Robeson emphasized the importance to protect Yemeni coasts, and said that it is the responsibility of all to do so.
He also said that Yemen's coast guard and special forces are currently well-trained and equipped to handle all necessary duties that would help promote security and peace in the region.
Robeson praised the Yemeni government's efforts in cooperating with the USA and the international community in fighting terrorism.
Among those attending the graduation were Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, commander of the Republican Guard and special forces, along with Dr. Yahya Al-Shuaibi governor of Aden and Staff Brigadier Abdulaziz Al-Dhahab, vice chairman of the staff authority
The graduation ceremony was preceded by graduation of other batches that received thorough training on protecting shores and insuring security of entering vessels and also focused on means to combat pirating operations and other terrorist acts that could hinder security of the country's coastline.