Another Journalist Injured in This Dark Era [Archives:1999/26/Front Page]

June 28 1999

Not long after the death of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Yemen Times Founder, in a traffic accident, another tragic accident involving a journalist has occurred. Abdullah Saad, a journalist well known for his bravery and frankness in his writings has been severely injured, and is half paralyzed. Abdullah Saad was last appointed as the Chief Editor of Al-Wahda, a government newspaper. The incident took place last Monday, while Abdullah Saad was touring Say’un along with a number of other journalists to cover President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s inauguration of a number of projects in that area. Witnesses say that while Abdullah Saad was standing near an open window on the ceiling of a tall traditional building, he slipped and fell over to the ceiling of another building resulting in severe damage to his skull and upper neck. A soldier apparently tried to grab his clothes and pull him back, but to no avail. After he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed as being half paralyzed. Doctors indicate that his condition is critical and needs to have a surgery as soon as possible.
Sources say that the President acted responsibly by offering the coverage of his medical expenses and tickets to fly to Jordan and have medication there. However, doctors warned that his state is not good enough to be transported at this time, and he should stay in his bed for the time being.
Before leaving his position as the Shura Opposition Newspaper to Al-Wahdah, Abdullah Saad used to write articles that were extremely critical of the state. At the Yemen Times, we pray to God to restore Saad to health, and prevent us from yet losing another patriot of free and courageous journalism in a dark era.