Another postponement in the Jar Allah Omr case [Archives:2004/728/Local News]

April 12 2004

By: Hassan Al-Zaidi
& Yasser Al-Mayasi
Yemen Times Staff

Sana'a 6 April 2004- The Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal in Sana'a City has adjourned the Jar Allah Omr murder case to 26 April 2004.
The court hearing, presided over by Judge Mohamed Al-Akwa, was attended by the prosecution and defense lawyers of Ali Jar Allah Al-Sawany, who is accused of killing the Assistant Secretary-General of the Yemen Socialist Party. Relatives of the deceased were also present.
The postponement was approved in order to receive answers related to the appeal petition presented by the General Prosecution and to consider the demands concerning the personal rights of the accused and for the court to oblige the General Prosecution to provide the remaining investigation minutes, which include names of persons having relations with the accused.
Some lawyers are suspicious that the Prosecution is misleading the court, hiding documents and dropping some witnesses.
Lawyer Mohamed Al-Saqqaf demanded that the court should question separately all of the suspects muzzled by the general prosecution.
The case of the murder of Jar Allah Omr remains a primary concern of political parties and continues to receive wide attention due to doubt concerning the concealment of names of important persons.