Another Yemen Times Initiative: Sorting Out Airport Customs Procedures [Archives:1999/05/Front Page]

February 1 1999

Many international companies operating in Yemen have regularly complained of problems associated with customs clearance at Sanaa International Airport.
The Yemen Times took the initiative to contact Mr. Hafez Me’yad, Director-General of the Customs Authority at Sanaa Airport, who expressed immediate interest in meeting with people who have complaints. “We are willing and ready to look for ways to reduce procedures and streamline the paperwork,” he assured.
As a first phase, Yemen Times decided to invite oil-sector companies to a meeting with the director-general of the airport customs authority and his assistants. This will take place at the Yemen Times at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11th. Also attending will be MOMR officials.
The meeting is expected to last for about two hours. Ideas will be floated on ways to simplify airport customs clearance. Companies interested in attending are kindly asked to call 268-661, ext. 301 to confirm.