ANTHRAX SCARE NOW IN YEMEN [Archives:2001/43/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Reliable sources said to Yemen Times that an unknown letter has come from Canada to a pen pal. The person has handed it over to the Yemeni authorities. In a statement to YT, the Director General of the Central Laboratory, Abduh Mohammed Al-Buraiki said that the letter has been carefully opened. Doctors are testing the white specimen which will take 72 hours. The Yemeni authorities have taken precautionary measures against any biological attacks which might affect or harm the Yemeni people. The Interior Ministry demanded the careful handling of the unknown letter. The Yemeni Embassy in Belgium has received a similar letter including the white material. The authorities in Belgium have cleaned up the Embassy with chemical substances and immunized the staff of the Embassy. Up to this moment, the authorities have not determined whether it is an anthrax-polluted letter or just a white powder.