Anti-Israel Demonstration Staged in Sana’a [Archives:2001/40/Front Page]

October 1 2001


Thousands of Yemenis staged demonstrations after Friday prayers in solidarity with the Palestinian people. This coincided with marking the first anniversary of the Intifada. More than 10 thousand demonstrators who gathered in downtown Sana’a condemned the U.S. policies biased to Israel, shouting anti-Israel slogans. Demonstrators also expressed their indignation at the Israeli policies which have claimed lives of thousands of defenseless Palestinians. Security sources told the Yemen Times that the authorities have allowed demonstrators to lodge protests on condition that they are restricted to showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Preachers in Mosques nationwide treated the Israeli atrocities perpetrated against the unarmed Palestinian people in their Friday sermons and called upon the Arab governments and the U.S. government to promptly intervene to stop Israel’s terrorism in the occupied land. Many speeches were delivered during the demonstration on behalf of political parties and men of religion, highlighting the necessity to stand by the Palestinian people in their uprising against the Israeli usurpers.