Anti revenge organization launched [Archives:2002/08/Local News]

February 18 2002

Sponsored by the UN resident coordinator office in Yemen, The Human Solidarity Organization for fighting revenge and terrorism was launched February16 in the police collage hall in Sana’a.
In the inauguration ceremony which was attenuated by many important officials, Skaikhs and members of the public, the chairman of the organization , Shaikh Abdu Alkareem Bin Ali Murshid, delivered a speech on the organization tasks and objectives.
“The human solidarity organization was established on public demand to solve tribal conflicts, put an end to revenge acts and fighting terrorism. It also aims to solve problems which may accrue between individuals and the authorities, stop kidnapping and find suitable solutions, he said.
We’ll not forget to praise the support and the care that have been given by the political leadership, exemplified by President Saleh, who effectively participated in making all the objectives and the needs on which the efforts of the organization depend, to protect human rights,” he added.
Mr James Rawali, the UN resident coordinator, said, “establishing such organization to reinforce public security and eliminate violations is a very important step. From the UN point, there is a clear link between national safety and development, so minimizing violence in Yemen will serve the interests of Yemeni people which will lead to more investments and economic growth.
The human solidarity organization has appointed the brigadier general Ali Muhsin Saleh al-Ahmar as honorary president for his efforts and support.