Anti-violence & arms march in Dhamar [Archives:2004/731/Front Page]

April 22 2004

Under the auspices of the Mayor of Dhamar, the social organization House of Peace and the Supreme Council for Spreading Tolerance and Combating Revenge organized a peaceful march. More than 50 thousand turned out calling for peace and the combating of violence and the carrying of arms in the governorate. The march was launched as part of the organization's third campaign, under the slogan, “Together for a society free from revenge and the misuse of weapons, no to weapons, no to revenge.”
In a statement to Yemen Times, the Dean of the Corporation, Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Marwany, said that the march came within the fame of the third national campaign of the organization, started on March 29, 2004 in al-Beidha Governorate. He pointed out that his organization since 1997 has worked with tribesmen, aiming to change their mentality and to persuade them of the negative impact of revenge and carrying weapons, which weaken society, hinder the social and economic development and undermine the stability of society and society's relation with neighboring countries.
Monitors considered this march in terms of quality, size and goals to be of great importance and an important step towards ending these phenomena. The size of the march reflects the size of the organization at the level of tribal society.