Anticorruption Authority working partnering with Transparency International [Archives:2008/1175/Local News]

July 24 2008

By: Almigdad Mojalli
SANA'A, July 22 ) The Anticorruption Authority (SNACC) stated that it has received 3,200 financial declarations from various government officials and 212 notifications on issues regarding corruption, some of which were transferred to the Office of Public Prosecution to begin cracking down on government corruption.

Since it began last year, SNACC has been trying to enforce a new law that requires government officials to turn in financial statements to the authority. This way SNACC can track any suspicious fund transfers and look out for financial abuses perpetrated by government employees.

“SNACC activated a law about financial declarations and started with the Prime Minster and the members of the cabinet,” said Bilqis Abu Osba'a