Antiques and ancient civilizations in Yemen [Archives:2004/774/Culture]

September 20 2004

It is known that the most significant line of tourism in general is cultural tourism, the most important landmarks of which are the archaeological sites where one can witness the antiquities as the best guide to the culture and the civilization of the people of any nation.
If we consider any civilization and its offerings to the human race, we would surely need to consider any antique ruins that reflect the civilization in question.
If we examine carefully the antiquities of any country we would come to the conclusion that they were the reflections of the land from whence they came.
But, we have to probe and leave the answer up to our minds, to think and answer what is the advantage of such antiquities, and what is their use? What are their benefits and the losses which are left behind? All such questions will lead to the answer that the remaining ruins are rich sources that do not perish. We may take as an example of such, the Sheba and Hemyarite civilizations as an ideal specimen in Yemen.
Yemen is a large museum that displays traces of the most important civilizations to have existed in the world. Rich archeological pickings that have accumulated over different eras from different civilizations are to be found.
Civilizations such as those of Sheba, Maeen, Qataban, Owsan, Hemyar, and Hadhramout have all left their own distinct mark
As well, the towns of Mareb and Hadhramout, Jawf, and Sana'a stand out thanks to their archaeological peculiarity that makes them, from a historical point of view, some of the worlds most interesting sites.
To benefit from what our ancestors have left us, we need to take care to preserve our heritage. We must protect it from the likes of robbery, destruction and smuggling, and secure funds for its protection and development, and to raise awareness of its importance so as to benefit the community.
Finally it will be necessary to bring in experts in antiquities for the purposes of examination and promotion on a world wide scale, to make know the archeological and cultural interest that lies in Yemen.