Antiquities of The Hill of ‘Great Aden’ Deformed [Archives:2001/33/Local News]

August 13 2001

Yemeni Association for Protecting Antiquities, Shores, and Health Resorts issued a press release about the current projects taking place in the Hill of great deforming the antiquities of the area. Antiquities of Aden has been deformed and abolished by those projects that replace and disfigure all historical features of Aden antiquities” the release clarified ” the silence and negligence of the General Authority of Antiquities and Museums seem to encourage deforming of antiquities”. “What is happening can be described as a big crime against our historical heritage.” the release stated that those activities aim to abolish the features and identity of the art of building dams in the area.
The release added that the plans of those projects were prepared by the Ministry of agriculture and the management of the governorate.
“The constructor was leaded by his greed to perform such a task which affects the ancient antiquities and historical heritage of the humanity” the release stated.