Apollo 2005 events [Archives:2005/815/Community]

February 10 2005

To be prepared for 2005, Apollo for International Exhibitions is setting up professional international, and local exhibitions. They are to be carries out such exhibitions in a way that meets the speedy development movement the world witnesses. Amidst all changes Apollo is sure to cope with the delopment challenges and hit the point when it comes to competition as it cares in particular for the interest of the consumer.

Marketing Director of the Company, Omar al-Nehmy says: ” The Year 2005 has an overfraught schedule of commercial shows for several Arab and foreign countries as well as professional exhibitions.”

He added: “The organization of the exhibitions comes in consideration to the fact that the private sector is the main partner to the government in the development. The next exhibitions are carrying within more air of modernity and will show the Yemeni public most modern international markets' outputs.”

Al-Nehmy concluded: ” It is noticed that there is devotion in the recent years to the commercial and professional exhibitions set up at Sana'a Expo Center, modeled after those in neighboring states. This is a positive sign of the Yemeni public's awareness of making use of such exhibitions. It gives them the chance to prove that they are able to compare products and take decisions.”