Apollo, a series of continuous successes [Archives:2004/700/Business & Economy]

January 5 2004

Following a series of successful exhibitions organized by Apollo company for international exhibitions based on the years of experience it has acquired in well organisation, and out of its faith in the important the international exhibitions play in supporting the exchange of trade between Yemen and participating countries, and also out of keenness on acquainting the Yemeni citizen with latest developments in world markets, director of the company's marketing has given this statement to the Yemen Times business page.
Mr. Omer al-Nahmi, marketing director of Apollo Company for International Exhibitions says the ExpoSana'a Center is seizing the opportunity of the activities of Sana'a Capital of Arab Culture 2004, is embracing and hosting the biggest activities on this occasion. Among these activities are (Sana'a International Exhibition for Books and Islam in Sicily), and other international exhibitions for a number of Arab and foreign countries, taking part in them for the first time Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Thailand. In addition, there is the holding of specialized exhibitions, most important of which are; Jitcom 2004 for computer and communication and Medfarm 2004 for medicines and medical supplies, the international exhibition for cars-Expoyemen and the organisation of exhibitions outside Yemen; in Dubai, Cairo and the Horn of Africa countries.
Mr al-Nahmi also said that the number of exhibitions for this year is to exceeded twenty, i.e. double the exhibitions held in 2003. He says this is a good herald especially under government directives that encourages such economic occasions that contribute to supporting the movement of economy and also acquainting the Yemeni citizen with the latest products exhibited by those fairs.