Apollo’s Al-Jazeera IT Exhibition concluded:JITCOM 2003 remarkably successful [Archives:2003/648/Community]

July 7 2003
Mr. Abdu Rabo Mansour Had, during the inaugural ceremony
Mr. Abdu Rabo Mansour Had, during the inaugural ceremony
Under the auspice of President Ali Abduallah Aaleh, the Apollo Company for International Exhibitions concluded on Sunday the 5-day JITCOM 2003 exhibition that was held this month for the fifth successive year, and was considered the biggest exhibition of its kind in Yemen so far.
JITCOM 2003 was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Abdu Rabo Mansor Hadi, Vice President on Thursday 3 July. The Minister of Communications Mr. Abdualmalik al-Mualami, the Minister of Industry and Commerce Mr. Khalid Rajah Sheik, and Chairman of the National Information Center Mr. Abdualkareem Shamsan have attended the opening ceremony.
The exhibition was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology along with the Yemeni Association of Industrialists, the National Information Center and the Sanaa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Mr. Omar al-Nehmi, Apollo Marketing Manager said, “The exhibition has come in harmony with the steps taken by our government to seriously consider adopting more IT schemes and launching huge and great development schemes in the field of computers and IT. I would especially like to mention the step to exempt import of computers from taxes and customs.
The private sector is an essential part in supporting the economic and technical development in the country and is instrumental in enhancing Yemen's status in the field of IT and communications. By organizing this event, our company seeks to inform the Yemeni public of the latest technological advancements in the field of IT, computers and communications and update the public about the most modern technology available in the world today.”
Mr. Omar also disclosed that “the success of this initiative was quite evident in the tremendous participation of tens of companies, which also signals the professional preparations for the event. Over 40 companies representing 350 international companies have participated in JITCOM2003 and that gave this event extra importance.”
He also said that the event this year was distinguished by organizing a number of different activities, symposiums and shows in which 450 persons representing different governmental and non-governmental organizations participated.
He concluded “We aimed through this event to raise the public's awareness of the importance of computers and the IT revolution and are trying to find practical solutions and means to improve the performance in all the public and private administrations, establishments and institutions as well as on the personal level.”
The most unique feature of the exhibition is the participation of prominent experts and specialists in computers and telecommunications and meetings between them and representatives of the international companies in Yemen represented by their authorized dealers and agencies.