Appeal for the release of political security detainees [Archives:2003/677/Local News]

October 16 2003

Taiz, 14 Oct._ Mothers, sisters and wives of detainees in the political security prison in Taiz last Thursday appealed to the authorities to release their men who had been arrested because of the 11th September events investigations.
The appeal was directed to the president of the republic and speaker of parliament, competent authorities and human rights organisations to apply the articles of the Yemeni constitution and the International declaration for Human Rights which Yemen had ratified to the cases of their relatives. They demanded the creation of a committee to investigate into the circumstances of those detainees and to take right and fair measures in dealing with the cases to either release them or subject them to a fair trial according to the law.
The letter of appeal was presented during the sit-in that the relatives of the arrested men staged last Saturday in the governorate’s yard.
And in the letter it was mentioned that the relatives fear that the political security prison would become like the Guantanamo Jail where the prisoners were chained like animals and treated without dignity or in a humanitarian way.
The appeal concluded by requesting authorities to save their relatives from certain death in the suffering and non-human treatment which they receive in prison. And that reference should be given to the president’s orders who is the head of the judiciary supreme council and the previous parliament committee on establishing a committee to see into the cases of these detainees, especially after the miserable conditions that their families have come to due to the loss of their supporters.