Appeal to cancel execution sentence [Archives:2005/867/Front Page]

August 11 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Despite of the death sentence issued by the penal court against religious scholars Yahya Huseein Al Dailami and Mohammed Ahmed Miftah, their families have kept on appealing to President Ali Abdulla Saleh to cancel that sentence and order their release.

In this regard, a solidarity meeting was held on Monday at Yemen Times offices under the auspices of Sheikh Abdullah Ben Hussein Alahmer, speaker of the parliament, in addition to some civil society organizations and political parties.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mohammed Miftah's wife read out a message of her detained husband in which he insisted that he was paying the price of his legal and moral request to solve Sada'a crisis peacefully for keeping intact the citizens' rights and properties.

The son of Yahya Al Dailami addressed the meeting saying that human mind and Islam condemn imprisonment of those expressing their opinion and truthful advisers because they have expressed their thoughts.

Taha Mohammed Ahmed Miftah talked about the abusive practices his father, his family had come under, and how their house was subjected to robbery, besides their suffering from the disappearance of their father for a year without knowing any thing about him or his fate. He asked the president to account those offenders instead of his father who is “a victim not a criminal”.

Dr. Amal Al Hajer, Yahya AlDailmi's wife said ” we have to join forces in defence of thousands of victims and innocents that we don't know their identities, we have to unite in demanding for independent judiciary system.”

Ms. Amal Albasha, chairperson of Sisters Forum said that Yemen is committed to the international convention of political and civilian rights .” but what is going on is a violation of all the conventions and treaties that Yemen had approved, and according to these conventions execution must be implemented in very limited and particular cases ” she added.

Mohammed Almkhlafi, a lawyer, said that the condemnation was based on the intention of the scholars to establish a charity organization to stage a strike in one of Sana'a mosques, in an attempt to influence the president to stop the war in Sada'a “the constitution guarantees the citizens' freedom of expression. Besides, there is not any law or constitution in the world that incriminates resisting wars. It is stipulated that those who call for wars and wage wars are to be accounted. “He said

At the end of the solidarity meeting, the participants dispatched an appeal to the president asking him to cancel the sentence of execution and release the scholars Yahya Huseein Al Dailami and Mohammed Ahmed Miftah, describing their trial as unfair and illegal, adding that the judge was negatively influenced by the last political and social events in Sada'a and that had led to this unjust judgment.