Appointment of 8 New Governors & Capital Secretary [Archives:2001/16/Front Page]

April 16 2001

Four Presidential Decrees were issued on Saturday involving the appointment of the Capital Secretary, Governors and deputy ministers. 
In terms of one of the decrees Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Yahya Al-Kuhlani was appointed Secretary of the Capital Secretariat. By virtue of another decree the following governors were appointed: 1) Mr. Abdulqadir Ali Hilal, – Hadramaut, 2) Mr. Ali Bin Ali Al-Qaisi – Ibb, 3) Mr. Naji Abdulla As-Soufi – Ma’reb, 4) Mr. Abdulwahid Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti – Sanaa, 5) Mr. Ahmed Ali Muhsin – Mahweet, 6) Mr. Yahya Ali AL-Amri – Sa’ada, 7) Mr. Hussein Mohammed As-Saeedi – Abyan, 8) Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Al-Harazi – Hajja. 
According to two other decrees, Mr. Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Aqil was appointed Deputy Minister – Technical Education and Vocational Training, and Mr. Saleh Obad Al-Khawlani, Deputy Minister of Local Administration, Local Development Sector. 
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Al-Maswari has occupied the post of Secretary of the Capital Secretariat for 10 years.