Aptech promotes computer education [Archives:2004/704/Community]

January 19 2004
Mr.  Khalil Al-Jabel- General Manager of  Al-Jabel IT Company
Mr. Khalil Al-Jabel- General Manager of Al-Jabel IT Company
Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
In a remarkable initiative representing the private sector contribution to human resources development, Group of (Aptech-Yemen based institutes) supported the celebration of computer education promotion at the stadium of IT & Telecom. Technology City attended by Minister of Telecom. & IT, Minister of Culture & Tourism, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training and Staff Col./ Mohammed Abdullah Saleh in addition to a host of IT & Computer Education in Yemen fans.
During the gathering, Mr. Khalil Al-Jabel- General Manager of Al-Jabel IT Company -for (Aptech-Yemen based institutes ) stressed in his address that (Aptech-Yemen based institutes) have been contributing within the last four years in providing specialized quality education in the field of computer cleared the room for the youth to exploit their abilities and rehabilitated them towards the overall development in Yemen and according to the update requirements in IT market.
Eng./ Abdul Melik Al-Mualimi – Minister of Telecomm. & IT – highly appreciated in his word and highlighted the contribution of the civil society organizations and public sector in serving the developments objectives . Meanwhile, he extended his great acknowledgement to Al-Dali Center for Development, which organized this celebration and Group of ( Aptech-Yemen based institutes )for their support in this activity.
He further emphasized that the number of Internet subscribers in Yemen has reached up to September 27th thirty five, two hundred . Mr. Al-Mualimi stated that the Ministry is currently finalizing the formalities of the project of the President of the Republic for circulation of computer education . Simultaneously, equipment are being furnished for establishing a computer-assembly plant in Yemen as the abilities are secured -according to the Minister- and it is going to be inaugurated during next July.
The Minister of Culture & Tourism , in his turn , demonstrated that Yemen is characterized from other countries in the region with two merits:
Abundance of Internet cafes & shops in Yemen streets plus telecom. Centers with lowers prices compared with other Arab countries-According to the Minister of Telecom. & IT.
On his part, Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Dali – Principal of Al-Dali Center for Development, outlined that the juncture of his center and group of Aptech institutes efforts with those of the ministry of Telecom. Is deemed a practical parameter of the attention in eradication of computer illiteracy in the circles of public servants and among Yemeni community. He also added that the Ministry initiatives have become incentive in the training process considering that the first supporter thereto is the project of the President of the Republic for circulation of computer education in that a citizen could receive a computer set by installment.
Mr. Al-Dali added that according to a field survey conducted by the center on computer training for the public servants showed that more than (77%) of them is computer illiterate and they are waiting for a chance to join computer training courses.
The promotion celebration for computer education had been held in the conclusion of planning training workshop organized by Al-Dali Center for Development supported and contributed by Group of (Aptech-Yemen institutes ) and sponsored by Eng. Abdul Melik Al-Mualimi – Minister of Telecom. & IT , attended by the majority of those in charge of training, development of human resources during tenure in different public institutions in addition to some training -related authorities.
The workshop targeted developing and cultivating the participants abilities in realizing the dimensions of training process, analyzing the training needs as well as evaluating offers, training authorities and implementing the training programs for computer education. In this regard, Dr. Mohammed Al-Sa'di submitted a paper on methodology of training planning . In his turn, the Indian expert, Dr. Rajaram elaborated on the training methods matching with the accelerant development in IT and the strategy of the training process based on future perspectives for different technological trends to which we would have an access within three years. The last paper in the workshop was presented by Mr. Mustafa Al-Barakani- Aptech Manager of Sana'a branch on :
Mode of Integral Planning for Carrying out Computer Education Course . The program of the workshop also included the discussions whose favorable effect became clear in exchange of views and experiences and reflected the reaction and interest of participants in this workshop.