Arab biologists conference to be held [Archives:2005/883/Local News]

October 6 2005

SANA'A-Oct. 4th – Hodeida University will host the 12th Arab Biologists conference on November 19-24th, the subject for the conference being “Towards future horizons for developing fish industry and human health preservation”.

Dr. Ibrahim Omar Hijary deputy rector of Hodeidah University for higher studies and scientific re-search, told Yemen Times that the conference is a cooperation between the Hodeida university and the Arab biologists. A number of Arab and Yemeni universities, national institutes, and the Yemeni Ministry of Health, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Life and Ministry Tuberculoses and leprosy center, will join in this conference.

The conference will discuss the modern technology and their part in discovering some endemic diseases and how they are transferred and how to combat them.

The conference will study the physical, chemical and biological sea environmental characteristics.