Arab Child Day: The child’s right in an integrated healthcare [Archives:2006/990/Local News]

October 16 2006

Fatima Al-Ajel
Sana'a, Oct. 12 ) Ministry of Health coordinated with the higher council for motherhood and childhood celebration the Arab Child Day on Thursday in Al-Sabeen hospital under the banner 'The child's right in an integrated healthcare.'

The celebration is usually held Oct. 1, but this year it took place 11 days late because of difficulties coordinating during Ramadan.

This year's celebration was in remembrance of Mohammed Al-Dora – the 12 year-old boy killed in Gaza by Israeli forces.

The celebration conducted a number of activities hosted by the ministers of health, human rights and the Sana'a mayor.

Every year, the higher council for motherhood and childhood selects certain topics for the celebrations to focus on certain issues or problems facing Yemeni children.

“This year