Arab countries demand arrest of wanted citizens [Archives:2005/868/Local News]

August 15 2005

SANNA'A- Security sources have today confirmed to Yemen Times that more than 8 Arab and foreign countries are hunting down 50 of their nationals wanted for accusations of terror. Last week, those countries submitted their requests through the Interpol office in Sana'a. Those requests include fugitives whose governments describe as dangerous criminals wanted for justice. It is thought that those suspects have infiltrated into the Yemeni territories across Yemeni border crossings.

Those countries accuse the 50 persons with committing terrorist and security crimes, among which plots for blasting public interests and aggressions on foreign interests inside their territories.

The lists that Yemen has received from those countries, contained personal information and data about identity of the wanted and nature of charges filed against them.

The Yemeni security source said that Yemen has published those lists at its border posts and crossings as a precautionary measure, in case that any of them might enter the country. It pointed out that no one of those persons was detained yet.

Yemen has security agreements with most of the countries that submitted those lists.