Arab foundation for supporting women and juveniles [Archives:2004/755/Local News]

July 15 2004

Aden Bureau
The Arab Foundation for supporting women's issues and juveniles inaugurated its office in Al-Moalla neighborhood in Aden city. Mayor of Aden, Dr. Yahya Al-Shaibi, and a number of social dignitaries, academics, politicians and intellectuals attended the inauguration ceremony.
The ribbon was cut by two socially prominent dignitaries, Ms. Rageah Hamedan, a famous lawyer and Mr. Najeeb Yably, the famous writer and journalist.
President of the foundation, Ms. Ehsan Obied Saeed, in her opening speech, called for the collective efforts of all citizens in Aden to reflect a good image of Aden city as a landmark of culture, science, justice and equity. She announced at the end of her speech the decision of the board of the foundation that Ms. Hamedan would be the honorary president of the foundation.
The foundation was founded on June 12th 2004, by a decree from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The foundation is concerned with the support of women's and juvenile's economic, social, legal, health, and cultural issues, and to disseminate awareness among women and juveniles. The foundation consists of a consultation board and a board of trustees that includes several socially prominent figures, lawyers, activists and advocates.