Arab Journalists UnionWar against Iraq and Palestine denounced [Archives:2003/628/Front Page]

March 24 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
In a communique issued last Monday, thousands of Arab journalists firmly asserted their total rejection to the US[led war on Iraq depicting the war as a pretext under of which the real colonizing intentions are hidden and called upon their own states to comply with the Arab summit's resolutions lately held in the Egyptian capital Cairo and to settle down all Arab-Arab disputes and disagreements particularly the crises suspended and to reach a comprehensive compromise at the local and national level.
Arab reporters, in their communique , have condemned the foreign interventionist policies in the Arab internal affairs in the name of democracy which hides behind imperialism, colonialism, domination and changing the map of the Middle East and its geographical frontiers, presenting the instances of Palestine, the Sudan and Iraq and what they are readying for the rest Arab countries.
Journalists have called up the Arab regimes to stand unified in confronting this furious attack and to voice a clear cut policy against the aggressive war and rather to immediately act to stop providing any political, military and economic assistance or facilities whatsoever for the aggressive forces.
Reporters also confirmed Iraq's commitment to comply with all US. resolutions pertaining to the mass destruction arms inspection and that of Iraq's link with its neighbors.
Reporters have further added that the Kuwaiti-Iraqi crisis file is reckoned as a positive sign that virtually has got to be supported.
They also called on the Security Council not to have a double standard or any prejudice and to impartially comply with the International Organization Charter as the sole authority for the fair international order.
Arab journalists demanded the remaining living forces amid the Arab Nation ( from the ocean to the gulf) to do their utmost to discontinue the war wheel and to express their own perspectives through all media so as to make the world know of, if it doesn't, the conspiracies plotted against the Arabs.
They also lauded those peoples, nations, political, religious and civil organizations worldwide that opposed the logic of war and aggression demanding the factual and actual practice of the real democracy and the spread of ideal principles.
As far as the Palestinian Case is concerned the communique denounced the aggressive furious war waged by Israel against the Palestinian people. They also called for an international crusade for disarmament of Israel which under the American umbrella threatens the security and stability of the region .
Journalists asserted their Arab states' rights in selecting and modernizing their political regimes, changing their provisions, pushing forward the real democratization, fighting corruption and suppression, activating civil community organizations and liberate journalism, freedom of opinion and express and all that hinders the democratic advancement and cardinal freedoms.
At the end of the press communique Arab journalists called up their fellow journalists at all international media to impartially, conscientiously and objectively deal with the Arab and Islamic issues and to stop the anti-Arab and Islamic hateful campaigns