Arab Press Syndicate denounces journalist assassination attempt [Archives:2005/863/Front Page]

July 28 2005

A communique from the Arab journalist syndicate denounced the assassination attempt on the life of Al-Nahar's chief editor, with a booby trapped envelope last week. The Arab syndicate requested the Yemeni government to find the plotters and introduce them to justice.

Journalist Hajie' Al-Juhafi was badly injured when he received a booby trapped envelope which exploded to his face when he opened it on the 17th of this month.

Journalist Al-Jihafi had formerly accused, in a number of articles, Sheikh Mohamed Ahned Masour of Al-Ja'a'shin, the supreme consultant council member, of ill-treating the people in his area.

Jihafi confirmed that there were continuous threats against him and his colleagues in the paper since these articles were published. They didn't expect the situation to reach that horrible level.

The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate had released a communique describing the incident as a use of violence to hush up the journalists when they criticize wrong actions.

Al-Nahar newspaper had complained to the minister of interior before, accusing Sheikh Mansor of engineering the incident, demanding that legal measures should be taken to arrest the perpetrators, and to protect the Al- Nahar journalists.

Al-Nahar newspaper is being tried now in a case filed against it by Sheikh Mansour, Supreme consultancy council member, on the critical articles that it published against his practices.