Arab Sea water flow into Al-Mukalla khour [Archives:2006/947/Local News]

May 18 2006

Saeed Al-Batati
ALMUKALLA, May 17 ) The works in Al-Mukalla Khour, at the center of Al-Mukalla City, came to an end last Thursday as the last land-barrier that set apart the Arab Sea from the man-made tunnel (Khour) had been cracked. Hundreds of people gathered to see the moment at which sea water will enter the channel for the first time. The water flowed smoothly as planned by the civil engineers.

Implemented by Al-Amodi Group for Contracting, the Khour is considered to be one of the giant projects in Al-Mukalla with a total cost of 10,000,000 US Dollars. It is 1,583 m long, 95 m wide and 3 m deep. The total area of the tunnel is about 150,385 km sq. It is linked with three suspended bridges, two for pedestrians and the third for motors. The bridge for vehicles was finished recently costing around 6 millions US Dollars. It is the first suspended bridge in Hadramout Governorate.

President Salah has recently ordered the formation of a committee to follow and supervise the execution of the second stage of the project, in which an artificial lake will be constructed and getting rid of sewages water as well as building fountains and artificial falls, gardens and sport playgrounds.