Arab Summit’s postponement:A normal consequence of weakness [Archives:2004/725/Viewpoint]

April 1 2004

The decision to delay the Arab Summit taken last week by Tunisia was for many Arabs quite normal. There is no irony in seeing Arab regimes dispute among themselves the date and program of the Summit because each of them has a different agenda, which on some occasions will contradict with that of others. It is a state of humiliation and weakness never before felt in the Arab world.
To add insult to injury, the US veto against the condemnation of Israel for assassinating Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and the inability of Arabs to hold a summit to condemn the killing is in itself a serious indication to the extremely degraded level we have reached today.
Pan Arab relations have undergone some turbulence in the recent past, but no one could have imagined that the world would look at Arabs struggling to come together. This is considered by many analysts as the extreme of extremes and cannot be justified in any form or way.
What Arabs need now is true leaders who can stand up for their rights and beliefs. They need models who can take steps and decisions rather than talk and spend hours in TV interviews. They want to see a glimpse of hope in a potential unity of stances, and hence, presence in world arena.
It is a pity to see that none of the current indicators show the possibility of such a break through. On the contrary, Arab leaders are as close as ever to obeying and showing loyalty to today's mightiest powers, which have been so open in supporting Israel.
Looking at Israel's response to the decision to postpone the Arab Summit, one can only feel more pity towards all those Arab regimes. Israel said that the delaying of the Arab summit was a positive indicator that Arabs are no longer unified in hating Israel.
Arab regimes should also be assured that the USA would have also been satisfied with the decision to postpone the summit, which was supposed to come up with a strong condemnation of the assassination of Sheikh Yassin. Such condemnation would have been directed to Israel directly and USA indirectly.
Last week, in a truly rich and informative lecture, prominent researcher and training expert Dr. Mahmoud Jibreel said that Arabs have now been transformed into what has been called an 'vocal phenomenon'. By this phrase, Jibreel implied that Arabs have turned to a species that talk a lot and do little.
But perhaps this time he had it wrong.
As Arabs failed to even hold their regular summit in which they talk a lot and do nothing, they have turned to stagnant creatures, who cannot even talk, not even a little