Arab summits:Symbolizing weakness and humiliation [Archives:2004/724/Viewpoint]

March 25 2004

The Arab Summits in the views of most Arab citizens have nowadays turned to symbols of inability and helplessness. Looking at Arab summits held in the recent past, one would easily find that every time Arab leaders meet in any Arab city, all they end up with is mere talk and cries for justice. They condemn or denounce the occupation of Arab land, while doing nothing to change the reality. They occasionally show courage in accusing each other and in rare cases insulting each other, as happened in the last summit before the war on Iraq.
What more can we expect from those summits? Perhaps more humiliation and embarrassment?
As a nation, we have reached the most vulnerable time in our history. It wouldn't surprise me to see another Arab nation attacked and occupied without any action by other states because we are all in a stage of complete stagnation. This is basically due to our inability to unite our views and positions on pan-Arab and international affairs.
When trying to analyze the situation carefully, we would realize that this is due to the fact that Arab regimes don't trust each other and know that if any tries to defend his brother country, he will not be supported by the other Arab states, making him the second to be victimized.
On the other hand, on an individual basis, each of the Arab regimes of today do not believe that their people will stand with them in case of confrontation with the enemy, whoever that enemy is. This is obvious because Arab regimes are generally oppressive and still hold a mentality of dictatorship and total domination and control of the people and the country's resources, making it quite difficult to win their trust and support.
The recent assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin has added more troubles to the troubled regimes, putting them in a critical position before their people.
“All they do is talk and talk” “They are good for nothing, mere puppets of the USA” All together they are not equal to a finger nail of Ahmed Yassin… To hell with them all
Those are a few sentiments heard in various protests in Yemen and the Arab world about Arab regimes and leaders.
They have proven in the past that they are unable to meet the expectations of the people, and it is just to say that their people are not expecting a lot from them any way.
This year's Arab Summit is expected to be like many others, full of useless talk and denunciations, and empty of any agreement or real action.
We just hope that those leaders will look into their people's affairs and stop wasting money on traveling and spending time in useless meetings that are concluded with no concrete action. Perhaps they could save the millions spent on such pointless summits for something more useful, something like building schools, or even planting trees!