Arab Women’s Forum wraps up [Archives:2004/799/Front Page]

December 16 2004

The first democratic forum of Arab women concluded its activities at the Sheraton Sana'a Hotel on Dec. 13 2004. The women who participated in the forum met with the President of the Republic who highly appreciated holding the forum confirming the higher position attained by Yemeni woman in all democratic issues as well as all decisions and recommendations thanking the Yemeni participants who organized for the forum.
The forum was organized from by the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF) under the patronage of Amat Al-Aleem Al-Souswa, Minister of Human Rights, operating under the slogan that “women's empowerment is necessary step for political reform in the Arab world.”
The forum held several sessions and workshops examining political, legislative, cultural, and social challenges for women in the Arab world.
The opening celebration was attended by al-Souswa, Netherlands Ambassador Johan F.L. Blankenberg, head of SAF Amal Al-Basha, and a number of personalities and journalists interested in human rights issues. After reciting some verses from the Holy Qura'an, Amal Al-Basha initiated the celebration commenting on the ambitions and all Arab women regarding their rights in participation in decision-making positions.
Khadijah al-Roukani spoke after that about the Moroccan experiences in women's rights. Khadijah Habashinah presented a clear picture about the situation of women in Palestine. Johan F. L. Blankenberg delivered his speech showing the audience the serious support of Holland for issues of human rights in general and women rights in particular. He reinforced that despite being in its infancy, Yemen has made significant progress.