Arabic and translation department celebrates graduation of 3rd batchUniversity students pleading for a building [Archives:2003/640/Community]

June 9 2003

The Arabic Language Association of Sanaa University's Faculty of Languages held a ceremony on the occasion of the graduation of the third batch of Arabic language and translation students of the Faculty of Languages at the University last week in Sanaa. The occasion was marked by an appeal by the students to have a separate building for the Faculty of Languages.
The event was attended by Civil Service Minister Mr. Hamoud Al-Shufi and the Dean of the Languages Faculty of Sanaa University Dr. Tariq Al-Janabi, along with a number of faculty professors and several prominent guests.
Abdulnour Hazem Al-Shamiri, the chairman of the Arabic Language and Translation Association gave a speech on this occasion congratulating the graduates and thanking the guest for coming. “I bid farewell to this 'eternity' batch members, whom I hoped would be able to study in their own building, but who left us without enjoying a building of their own.” he said referring to the fact that the faculty of languages may be the only faculty that does not have its own building. “We are the only students who suffer severely because of the lack of a building. We have suffered enough from last-minute class arrangements and from being a burden on other students in other faculties.”
Later on, Dr. Abdullah Taher, the Head of the Arabic Language and translation department gave a speech in which he encouraged the graduates to pursue higher studies and serve their country well. “This department is quite unique as it is like a bird that flies with two wings; one Arabic the other English.”
Then Dr. Tariq Al-Janabi, the faculty's dean talked about the enhanced education level reached by the graduates and praised their efforts and the efforts of their teaching staff.
Finally, the organizers presented a special award to the Minister Hamud Al-Sufi and expressed their appreciation for supporting the event by attending.
The event was concluded by a small theatrical act entitled “I am the nation” in which an act expressing the agonies of the Yemeni people -because of poverty and high prices- was played.