Arabisch-deutsche Lyrik Arabic-German Poetry Conference Inaugurated [Archives:2000/37/Last Page]

September 11 2000

Arabic-German Poetry Conference Inaugurated
Prime Minister, Dr. Abdul Kareem Al-Iryani inaugurated last Saturday the Arab-German Poetry Conference at the Sheraton Hotel. In the opening ceremony, Dr. Al-Iryani described each poet as a separate nation. He addressed poets attending the conference by saying that they were representing two great civilizations; the Arab and the German.
He said that Arab poetry since its emergence in about the fourth century has been an essential pillar in Arab history. Poetry has been the sword, the spear, it has been peace, war, glory, boasting, love, and beauty throughout history, he said. He further congratulated Yemen for hosting such a conference.
Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Maqaleh, President of Sanaa University welcomed all poets and participants at the conference. He said that the interaction of cultures would make the world more beautiful and brighter than the past and would make the tomorrow even more beautiful and brighter than the present and the past.
German Charge d Affaires in the German embassy in Sanaa Mr.Matthias Kiesler recalled words of one of the theological philosophers: We can better know nations history through poetry than through politics and bloody wars. He said that amidst the noisy world they (diplomats) could not help but listen to the real sages (poets.) He further expressed his deep appreciation to organizers of the conference, specially Mrs. Amal Al-Jabouri. He added that he respected all those who came along to Yemen despite what they heard of what happened to foreigners here.
Dr. Abdul Malek Mansour, Minister of Culture and Tourism, delivered a speech in which he welcomed all participants. He also highlighted the strong relation between Yemen and Germany.