Arafat praises KAP [Archives:2003/643/Local News]

June 19 2003

Palestinian Liberation Organization's Chairman Yasser Arafat has recently sent a letter of appreciation to Mr. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh the President of Kanaan Association for Palestine (KAP) expressing his gratitude for the pioneer organization's role in supporting the Palestinian case.
Arafat said that the activities and events organized by the KAP to support the Palestinian people are not going unnoticed and are indeed helping Palestinians continue their steady struggle for liberation and legal rights.
The letter was in response to the activities that KAP held last month in Sana'a including the week for Palestine event which was a combination of different activities including seminars and conferences on the Palestinian issue and means to help the Palestinian cause.
Since its establishment on 17 April 2002, KAP has proven to be an active association in support for the Palestinian people and using all peaceful means.
“We have always committed ourselves in helping our Palestinian brothers in the ways we can and with the means we have. It is a duty of all Yemenis and Arabs and Muslims and peace-lovers all over the world to help them as well.” Mr. Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh said.
Kana'an for Palestine Association called upon all Arabs to boycott all kinds of Israeli products and services to exert enough pressure on Israel to stop its war against the defenseless Palestinian people.

The Arafat's letter of appreciation has come after the KAP had organized political and art activities for the Palestinian Days in Yemen concluded last month in Sana'a
During the Palestinian Days, participants at grass-root levels expressed their readiness to support the Palestinians against continuous Israeli aggression and occupation.
For getting this tendency moving, the KAP has spared no efforts to support Jeneen Donation Campaign for the Palestine people.
At the commercial level, the Palestinian-Yemen Businessmen Meeting was organized by the KAP with the aim of enlarging joint investment fields between the two countries.
The president's decree to exempt the Palestinian products and goods and tax revenues from custom duties have been hailed and closely followed up by the KAP.
That is not only enough, the KAP organized a televised dialogue symposium covered by different local, Arabs, and foreign media on the occasion of the Earth's Palestinian Day on March 30, 2003.
The dialogue symposium was titled, “Palestine for Palestine, Our Land, Our Right, and An Emblem of Our Dignity,”.
At youth and sport level, the KAP has supported the Palestinian National Grown-ups Team bellow 17 years during the 10th Asian Football Championship hosted by Yemen.
Since that time, sport facilities and equipment to its technical apparatus and its team have been fully provided the KAP.
It spares no efforts to push its youths ahead to support the Palestinian football team as if it played in its country.
This has positively reflected upon the Palestinian players and its participation has shifted from an honest team to a victorious team that desires to win the first place.
At the social level, the KAP has taken an interest with regard to offering the social care services for the Palestinian students at the Yemeni universities and those who come from the occupied land.
Around 49 cases who study at 9 different universities have been successfully tackled at an overall cost estimated at YR. 909.285.
Fellowship grants has been activated and a special institutional effect has been adopted where the Palestinian students have greatly made use of.
The fellowship grants are known today as the President's Fellowship Grants for Palestinian Students.
At the logistic support level, the KAP has sent a cargo in specie to our brothers in Palestine.
The cargo contains medicine supplies and clothes estimated at YR. 5 million.
At the political level, the KAP hasn't stopped to offer the social and logistic services for the Palestinian people, but it has made its voice heard at the political arena which has expressed its stance openly.