Archaeological Discovery in Shabwah [Archives:2000/04/Local News]

January 24 2000

After a long period of searching, the French-Italian delegation discovered archaeological sites in Shabwah governorate, doting to 2000- years. The delegation discovered a temple of some goddess in Qataban States. They found pottery, sculptures and gems at that place. During the first drilling, which extended from December 5, 1999 to January 4, 2000, they discovered Tomno’a city, the capital of Qataban State. The discovery was a temple of goddess, which was called ‘Athbert’. There are variegation drawn on the Northern gate of the temple. They also discovered the Eastern side of the temple, which appeared clear with some white walls. It appears clear through drilling that this temple was built in different stages. The temple was destroyed in some periods. It was built in three stages. The oldest period relates to the fifth century B.C and the others relate to the end of the first century B.C and the first century A. C.
The delegation also discovered quantities of different kinds of pottery, and parts of sculptures, which are made of bronze, white ivory and iron.