Armed Confrontations in Dalea [Archives:2000/41/Front Page]

October 9 2000

Police Thursday opened fire on demonstrators taking part in a demonstration organized by the Peoples Committee in protest to the deteriorated economic situation in Dalea governorate, 144 km to the north of Aden. The demonstration was also staged in commemoration of the clashes that took place a year ago in the same city where a number of citizens were killed. Rashad Salem, Shoora Council chairman in Peoples Forces Union told YT Police used live bullets and tear gas bombs against demonstrators injuring 6 persons three of whom were seriously injured including two soldiers. A statement by the Peoples Committee issued last Saturday listing the names of injured persons, namely, Ali Ahmad bin Ahmad, Ali Muhsen Quraish, Abdul Fatah al-Baidaji, Abdul Razak Mukbel Saleh, Abdul Malek Saleh al-haj. The sixth person was not identified. In its statement it condemned Dalea events calling for punishing those responsible for their incidents.
Moreover, police staged a large-scale arrest campaign included 60 people among whom a number of YSP leaders and members of other opposition parties. Eye-witnesses in the area mentioned that three ambulance cars had taken to hospital those injured in clashes.
A security source, requesting not to be identified had told the YT that the police had dispersed rioters. However, he declined from giving more details. The Peoples Committee in the governorate comprises a number of YSP and opposition parities leaders had called for this demonstration to protest against the official violence resulting in killing some citizens and the heavy military presence in the area leading to militarize the civil life of the people as described by the Peoples Committee in its report. Worth mentioning is that two persons were shot dead during confrontations with the police forces in al-Azarek, Dalea governorate.