Army Brigades Sent to Marib, Shabwa and al-Jawf MANHUNT FOR al-QAEDA SUSPECTS CONTINUES [Archives:2002/03/Front Page]

January 14 2002

Yemen official sources said around 20 tribal Sheikhs in Marib and Shabwa had been detained. They would be released on condition of surrendering the persons accused of assaulting around 24 soldiers in the clashes between security and military forces and tribesmen in Marib mid December. The security men were hunting down suspected al- Qaeda elements.
The sources said military forces were still hunting down the two main suspects: Qaid Ali al-Harithy and Mohammed Hamid al-Ahdal.
Four military brigades were sent to Shabwa, Marib and al-Jawf last week to reinforce forces hunting out suspected al-Qaeda elements. The government has also approved of an increase in the budget of the Ministry of Interior so as to enhance the fight against terrorism.
It has also approved of a new measure preventing Arab and foreign students to study in any Yemeni government or non-government institutions unless they get the permission of their countries.
The new measure will put all educational institutions under direct monitoring of the government.
The government announced two weeks ago that 80 students at the Dar al-Hadith institute in Marib had been deported because of illegal residency, as well as their suspected actions, impinging sovereignty of the state. It is also because some of the Islamic countries like Pakistan and Somalia have requested Yemen to extradite their citizens.