Army Forces Deployed in Habab Withdrawn [Archives:1999/48/Local News]

November 29 1999

Following an agreement reached by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Habab’s tribal leaders, the army and security forces surrounding Habab since the kidnapping of the American family, were withdrawn on Wednesday, Nov. 24. The President gave instructions to release 15 people from the Bani Jabr tribe who were arrested two months ago. However, as of yesterday, the President’s instructions still hadn’t been carried out.
At the same time the President gave orders to compensate Habab villagers for the damage to their property which resulted from the artillery shelling that took place a few weeks ago.
At another level, tribal sources told the Yemen Times that many villagers are still taking refuge in the mountains and refuse to go back to their houses until the officials responsible for the shelling are called to account.