Arrest campaign against Liberation Party [Archives:2004/781/Local News]

October 14 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Security forces in Sana'a conducted, last Sunday, an arrest campaign against the Liberation Party who organized a public demonstration starting at Abdulnasseer School and marching to Al-Tahreer Square in the city center.
Tens of security personnel and intelligence officers assembled in the square before the event. Eyewitnesses told the Yemen Times that security officers quarreled with personnel from the Liberation Party who were organizing the demonstration. The former then succeed to disperse the massive assembly of demonstrators.
Yemen's branch of the Liberation Party sent a message to the Yemeni Interior Minster on October 4th which said: “our party, which is a political one, works hard for the sake of resuming the Islamic way of life through reconstructing the Islamic Caliphate state. The party also works to make the ideology of the Muslim nations the pillar of their political and intellectual practices.
Solving the local and international problems of Muslims, and removing the foreign occupiers of Iraq and Palestine, are impossible to yield results unless there is strong unity under the Islamic Caliphate.
Our duty, as rulers and ruled, is to protect our Islamic tenets, thereby, we inform you that we are running a peaceful demonstration on Sunday, at ten o'clock, and we request you to provide security for the protection of the peaceful demonstration and to prevent infiltrators who cause harm to public and private properties. A speech on the situation of the Muslim nation and the way of manipulating it, is due to be delivered at Al-Tahreer Square”
The party also gave out its press statement on the same day, advocating all Muslim countries to send military forces as a kind of support for our brothers in Iraq and Palestine. The statement emphasized the importance of unity and the caliphate, seeing them as the essential solution for all Islamic issues such as corruption and poverty, as well as the solution to hamper the Zionistic campaign. It also stated that Islamic leaders only move armies to kill opposing politicians and to safeguard their thrones.