Arrest of USS Cole bombing suspect [Archives:2004/732/Front Page]

April 26 2004

September 26 newspaper reported that the Security Forces arrested an armed man implicated in the bombing of USS Cole in 2000, which led to the death of 17 US Marines on board.
Local sources confirmed to Yemen Times that the suspect is named “Al-Najar”, had rendered himself voluntarily to the security authorities surrounding his home early this month in Laoder region, Abyan Governorate, 250km southeast of Sana'a.
Al-Najar is one of the prisoners who fled Aden Jail last year and he is one of 14 suspects accused of being behind the bombing of USS Cole, including Jamal Al-Badwe, Fahed al-Qasa and Abdulraheem al-Nashery.
The authorities have announced earlier this month that it would begin the trial proceeding of suspects on charges of bombing the USS Cole and the French oil tanker, Limburg, but the Prosecution remains preparing their files before transferring them for trial.
Official newspapers have reported that the Government will officially begin open dialogue sessions with Al-Qaeda members and returnees from Afghanistan believed to be extremists. Judge Hamoud al-Hitar, Chairman of the Dialogue Commission, said that interested bodies and media organizations would be allowed to attend the sessions.