Arrested protestors threaten to sue government while demos continue [Archives:2007/1087/Local News]

September 20 2007

By: Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A, Sept 19 ) Demonstrations continue in several eastern and southern provinces demanding the release of those arrested over the demonstrations that took place early September in Aden, Al-Dhal'e and Hadramout.

In Al-Dhal'e, thousands of civilians demonstrated before the hospital where many injured protestors sought medical help. Over 10,000 demonstrators staged a sit-in before Ibn Abaas Hospital wherein the injured demonstrators are treated after security forces quelled a peaceful protest on September 10.

They demanded the release of all political activists who were arrested following peaceful demonstrations called for by military pensioners in Al-Mukalla, Abyan and Aden last March. They also asked for treatment of the injured inside and outside the country at state's expense.

Hadramout's Coordinating Body for Political, Popular and Civil Society Forces learnt that arrested demonstrators jailed in Al-Mukalla Central Prison are forced to record testimonies according to the security officials' orders. It added that most of them are handcuffed and put in solitary confinements.

On Saturday, security forces arrested 10 people over participating in a demonstration last Saturday before Hadramout Governorate building and demanding the release of those arrested in early September.

Moreover, lawyer Najeeb Bamatraf of the Body demanded the release of the September's protestors and hinted he will sue in demand for compensations in the name of the arrested demonstrators.