Arrests of protestors continue [Archives:2004/743/Local News]

June 3 2004

Sources have confirmed to Yemen Times that Political Security Apparatus continues its arrest campaign, launched about six months ago, against protestors at the Grand Mosque in Sana'a and at several mosques in Saddah Governorate. The latest was the arrest of 16 persons last Friday. The detainees were chanting, following the prayers, “Death to America and Israel”.
The Political Security Apparatus arrested on Friday 19th June 18 persons, most of whom were believed to have come to the Grand Mosque from other governorates of the Republic.
According to reliable sources, the number of detainees up to now is estimated at 638, believed to belong to the Shiite sect in Yemen.
The security authority in Saddah Governorate closed a mosque and arrested its Imam, Abdullah Ali, along with a number of followers.
It is worth mentioning that the security authorities' arrest campaign has extended to Saddah, Ammran, and Hajah governorates where followers of the Shiite sect are residing in Yemen.