Arson in Taiz causes damages of YR 12 million [Archives:2003/684/Local News]

November 9 2003

A fire destroyed commercial stores of al-Dhubaibi for furniture and carpets in Taiz at the end of last month. Estimated damge is YR 12 million.
The stores located on Jamal Street near the Taiz education office, belong to Abdullah Taha Saeed al-Dhubaibi, who reported the incident to al-Judairy Police Office.
Investigations conducted by officer Mohammed al-Kataban in charge of the office and lieutenant Fahmi al-Yosifi revealed that the fire was arson, and the criminal had forgotten or left his shoe at the site, an action which, threw some mystery on the case.
Investigation discovered a suspect who was caught in Sana'a by the local police. The suspect confessed, say police, but they are investigating due to certain mysterious details.