Art for Human Rights [Archives:2001/35/Local News]

August 27 2001

The Taiz-based Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC) announced a new program in promoting human rights through arts. The program aims at using the various kinds of arts to raise awareness on human rights issues.
Mr. Ezadin Saeed al-Asbahi Chairman of HRITC told Yemen Times that in using arts for conveying information related to human rights will definitely promote human rights issues. He further added that the direct contact with people through theater will have a broader effect in enhancing human rights issues.
The HRITC started its first activities by performing theoretic and musical pieces at a shantytown for the marginalized groups in Taiz.
The so-called ‘Akhdams’ black Yemenis living in a shanty distinct in Taiz performed pieces of music highlighting human rights violations and how to make people aware of their basic rights.
The ceremony was attended by a large audience, including representatives of NGOs as well as the Director of OXFAM Program in Yemen, Ms. Majedah Al-Sanusi .